Spotting the Fakers on Tinder

Posted by | May 27, 2020

Spotting the Fakers on TinderSubscribing to a tinder hookup site is not a taboo thing because each individual has their own way to pursue their happiness. If there is no such thing as a tinder dating site, most singles will stay single for many years in the future. So, we just need to embrace it if we are living in this timeline. When you need a hot companion tonight, you could just open your hookup app and hit the search button. The seconds passed, the results would show your perfect matches. That's it.

One day, you are thinking about tinder hookup. Therefore, you would conduct the tinder login and proceed looking for your best matches. Then you came across someone very attractive, too attractive. You are not sure if she is real. Here are the ways that you can try to spot the fakers in the tinder dating.

She calls you "baby" too quickly

If you meet someone hot on a tinder dating site, and in only a few minutes she is telling you about how much she likes you and she wants to kiss you, or other naughty words, you need to think twice before deciding. You might think that it is real. But when you ask to meet her, she would have an excuse not to. Well, just stay away. You don't want to waste your time with this person.

Her profile pic looks a lot like Megan Fox

Well, it probably is! When it comes to tinder hookup, the tinder hookup site itself is prone to scammers and fraudsters. Their operation remains the same. They grabbed some attractive photos online, uploaded them into their profiles and claimed to be their pictures.

They said they needed money

It is a common case. Instead of tinder dating that you would enjoy, these girls will vanish the moment they received the money from you. It is not a surprising art of deception. You won't want to trust anyone with backed stories like these. The scammers and fakers are only after your money, or other stuff like your personal information, which leads us to the next point.

Don't easily give out your personal information

If by any chance, someone is asking your personal information in exchange for a tinder hookup opportunity, then it is a scam. Don't easily give out your real name, address, work, phone number, mother's maiden name, and so on.

Their spell sucks

If you notice grammar mistakes, errors, or perhaps awkward conversation, then you can give up on that person for tinder dating. They are not even native spoken.