How to Make the Most Of Tinder for Hooking Up

Posted by | Apr 14, 2020

Make the Most Of Tinder for Hooking UpSome folks have been familiar with tinder dating sites to find their right dating partner for relationships or hooking up. Perhaps you are like many other people. You have downloaded and installed the tinder dating app in your device, and swap around, but zilch the result.

The reason is simple. You have yet to make the most of a tinder hookup site for hookup. If you are still looking for your hookup partner now, you have come to the right place. Proceed reading this until finish and you won't need to back off anymore.

Not all Tinder users are up for hookup

First and foremost, before proceeding with your tinder login, you need to know that Tinder can work for both serious relationships and hookups. But this fact alone does not mean that Tinder dating site is specifically for hookup chasers. So, it is very important that you are open and be clear about what you really want when you are in touch with other members there.

It is not appropriate to assume that all people who joined with this service are up for tinder hookup. Some profiles could mislead. To make yourself sure, it does not hurt to ask a question or two toward an attractive person you meet on Tinder.

Making an adequate profile

It is undeniable that your profile will be the first to impress the other members on tinder dating sites. So, after you make your tinder login, make sure you craft your dating profile really well.

The best profile comes with the best photos. Therefore, you will want to upload the best photos of yours so that you can make such a great impression towards other people. It is not really different from meeting people offline. The difference here is that you can do it at home conveniently. The flattering photo of yourself with a smiling expression will indeed attract some people out there. Use Tinder "smart photo" feature to value your current profile photo. If it is not so impactful, consider trying others.

Although your bio is optional, I'd recommend you to fill this up. Up to 500 words, you will want to maximize your profile with it. Your bio is like the sales page of yourself.

Master the Tinder app

Whether you are using the tinder dating site, or its app, you will want to know how to use the service first before starting hunting your tinder hookup partner.

Tinder has abundant features which you can use to maximize your results. Although I cannot mention all of them in detail here, I am going to sample some of the significant features you need to use in this service.

Boost function is ample service which can help your profile to be pushed to the front of the match line for members in your area. It is a paid feature.

The Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold membership allows you to unlock the Passport function. Passport function allows you to swipe in different cities and countries. So, you no longer need to look around in your local area. You can spread your wings as you want.

There are tons of other features that can maximize your results. You will want to learn them first and practice them for getting the hookup partner that you want to get laid tonight.